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Address/Name Changes

If your are a candidate or licensee, the California Code of Regulations (CCR) requires the immediate reporting of address or name changes to the Board. Reporting these changes will ensure that candidates and licensees receive necessary information on matters important to examination and licensure. Failure to notify the Board is a violation of CCR section 104. Choose the appropriate "pdf enhanced" form below.

Important Note: Candidates should notify the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) testing vendor, Prometric, regarding name changes and request a new Authorization to Test (ATT) be mailed. Candidates may not be allowed to sit for the ARE without a new ATT reflecting their name change. Those not admitted to the ARE will forfeit the testing fee. The Board has no authority to require Prometric to admit a candidate to the ARE. You should allow up to thirty days for a name change to take effect with the Board. It is recommended that candidates contact the Board to verify a name change has been completed.