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Complaint Against an Architect or Unlicensed Individual

The following links lead to information intended to inform consumers of the procedure for filing a complaint with the California Architects Board (Board) against a person who is violating the Architects Practice Act, the Board's process in reviewing and investigating those complaints, and to provide some general information about the types of alternative actions which are available to the Board.

If you have further questions regarding how to file a complaint, or the complaint process, please send the Board an email (cab@dca.ca.gov). In addition, you may write or call the Board at:

California Architects Board
2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 105
Sacramento, CA 95834

Telephone Number (916) 574-7220

Complaint Against the Board

If you have a complaint or comment concerning the Board, please complete the Complaint/Comment Form. The Board will review the form and provide a written response within 30 days after receipt of the complaint or comment.