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An architect license that is not renewed within five years after its expiration date is cancelled. A cancelled license cannot be renewed, restored, reissued, or reinstated. The holder of a cancelled license may apply for and obtain a new license by relicensure only if they pay all of the fees and meet all of the requirements for obtaining an original license.


The relicensure process requires, at a minimum, completion of a relicensure application, payment to the Board of both the evaluation fee ($100) and the examination fee ($100), and mandatory successful completion of the California Supplemental Examination (CSE).

How to Apply

  1. Complete an Application for Relicensure, attach a check for $100 made payable to the California Architects Board, and send it to 2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 105, Sacramento, CA 95834.
  2. Submit a statement indicating the reason(s) the license expired.
  3. Surrender the original wall certificate and pocket license card OR provide a statement under penalty of perjury indicating why compliance is not possible.
  4. Submit a project list containing all projects worked on in the last 10 years OR a statement under penalty of perjury indicating that no California projects were worked on during the time the license was expired.

    IMPORTANT: The project list must include the following information: the name and address of the client, type of project, construction costs, date the project was started and completed, and all services provided by you.

A review will be conducted to determine eligibility for the CSE once the Board has received the above items. An Application for the CSE is mailed only when a candidate is determined to be eligible.

If you have questions about the relicensure process, please contact the Board by telephone at (916) 574-7220 or by email (cab@dca.ca.gov).