Business and Professions Code (BPC)

Division 3. Professions and Vocations Generally

Chapter 3. Architecture

Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2. Administration

Article 3. Application of Chapter

Article 4. Issuance of Certificates

Article 5. Disciplinary Proceedings

Article 6. Revenue

Article 7. Architectural Corporations

General Provisions

Division 1. Department of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 1. The Department

Chapter 1.5. Unlicensed Activity Enforcement

Chapter 2. The Director of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 3. Funds of the Department

Chapter 4. Consumer Affairs

Article 1. General Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 6. Public Members

Chapter 7. Licensee

Division 1.5. Denial, Suspension, and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Denial of Licenses

Chapter 3. Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 4. Public Reprovals

Chapter 5. Examination Security