§ 119 Written Examination—Transition Plan

Effective January 1, 1987, all candidates for licensure as an architect shall pass all sections of the California architectural licensing examination, subject to the following provisions:

  1. Candidates who have previously received Board credit for any section of the Qualifying test or the Professional examination or division of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) shall be given credit for those sections/divisions as these sections/divisions correspond to the 1987 California architectural licensing examination sections in accordance with the following transition chart:
    Previous Sections Passed
    Professional Examination/Qualifying Test
    Credits to ARE Division
    Professional Examination, Section B, Part I & IIDivision A
    Professional Examination, Section A, (Design/Site)Division B and C
    Professional Examination, Section B, Part IIIDivision D, E, F, G, & H
    Qualifying Test, Section BDivision D, E, & F
    Qualifying Test, Section DDivision G
    Qualifying Test, Section CDivision H
    Professional Examination, Section B, Part IVDivision I
    Previous Division Passed—ARE Credit to 1987 California Exam Sections
    Division ASection 7
    Division BSection 8
    Division CSection 9
    Division DSection 1
    Division ESection 2
    Division FSection 3
    Division GSection 4
    Division HSection 5
    Division ISection 6
(Amended by Register 1996, Vol. No. 42-Z. Effective .)