§ 151 Aiding and Abetting

  1. For purposes of Sections 5582 and 5582.1 of the code, aiding and abetting takes place when a California licensed architect signs any instrument of service which has been prepared by any person who is not: (1) a California licensed architect or civil engineer or structural engineer, or (2) a subordinate employee under his/her immediate and responsible direction, or (3) an individual, who is associated by written agreement with the architect and who is under the architect’s immediate and responsible direction as described in subsection (b) of this section.
  2. The requirements of "immediate and responsible direction" as used in this section shall be deemed to be satisfied when the architect: (1) instructs the person described in subsection (a) of this section, in the preparation of instruments of service, and (2) the architect has exercised the same judgment and responsibility in reviewing all stages of the design documents and other phases of the work as required by law, and which would normally be exercised if he/she personally performed the required tasks.
(Amended by Register 1988, Vol. No. 44-Z. Effective .)