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Each page of the Enforcement Actions section is divided into subsections for citations, administrative actions, and convictions. You should check each subsection to see if an enforcement action has been taken against the individual you are seeking.


Arvind Sitaram Iyer

San Francisco—The Board issued a two-count citation that included a $2,000 administrative fine to Arvind Sitaram Iyer, architect license number C-15353, for alleged violations of BPC sections 5536.22(a) (Written Contract) and 5584 (Negligence). The action alleged that Iyer failed to execute written contracts with his client prior to commencing professional services for two projects, including preparing elevations for a proposed winery and mixed-use building located in Livermore, California, and preparing computer-aided design drawings for structural repair work to the balcony of an existing multifamily residence located in Santa Clara, California. The action also alleged that Iyer failed to produce a design for the Livermore project that complied with the County of Alameda’s requirements and guidelines. Iyer paid the fine, satisfying the citation. The citation became final on February 26, 2018.

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