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Using the first letter of the individual’s last name, select the letter group below that corresponds. This will display enforcement actions for the corresponding letter group.

Each page of the Enforcement Actions section is divided into subsections for citations, administrative actions, and convictions. You should check each subsection to see if an enforcement action has been taken against the individual you are seeking.


Henry Yeung

San Francisco—The Board issued a two-count citation that included a $4,000 administrative fine to Henry Yeung, an unlicensed individual, for alleged violations of BPC 5536(a) (Practice Without License or Holding Self Out as Architect). The action alleged that in or around April through August 2015, Yeung used the stamp of California licensed architect Jan Threlkeld on drawings and structural calculations Yeung independently prepared and submitted to the City of Millbrae Community Development Department for three projects located in Millbrae, California. In addition, on or about October 6, 2016, Yeung’s LinkedIn profile described him as an "Architectural & Structural Designer," stated he provides "Architectural & structural consultation for commercial and residential/non-building structures," and included "Architectural Design" and "Architecture" under "Skills". Yeung paid the fine, satisfying the citation. The citation became final on November 4, 2016.

Administrative Actions

John S. Ybarra

San Diego—Effective February 13, 2004, John S. Ybarra’s architect license, number C-25498, was revoked, after the Board adopted a Proposed Default Decision. An Accusation was filed against Mr. Ybarra for a violation of Business and Professions Code section 5577 (Conviction of Certain Crimes). The Accusation was based on Mr. Ybarra’s felony conviction of a violation of Penal Code section 288(c)(1), committing a lewd act.


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