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Using the first letter of the individual’s last name, select the letter group below that corresponds. This will display enforcement actions for the corresponding letter group.

Each page of the Enforcement Actions section is divided into subsections for citations, administrative actions, and convictions. You should check each subsection to see if an enforcement action has been taken against the individual you are seeking.


Hermes R. Zuazo

Chula Vista—The Board issued a two-count citation that included a $1,500 administrative fine to Hermes R. Zuazo, architect license number C-4236, for an alleged violation of BPC 5600.05(a)(1) (License Renewal Process; Audit; False or Misleading Information on Coursework on Disability Access Requirements) and CCR 160(b)(2) (Rules of Professional Conduct). The action alleged that Zuazo failed to provide documentation to the Board from the coursework provider upon an audit of his 2013 License Renewal Application and failed to respond to the Board’s requests for information within 30 days in regards to an investigation. The citation became final on August 24, 2015.

Administrative Actions

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