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Subject Matter Expert Announcement

The California Architects Board (Board) is accepting applications for their Subject Matter Expert (SME) program, to provide case review, technical evaluation, and courtroom testimony as needed for the Board’s Enforcement Program. Existing Board staff and departmental investigators require technical assistance to handle the complexity and number of some complaints and inquiries. Several SMEs are needed to respond to technical inquiries from Board staff, evaluate consumer complaints, provide guidance to the Division of Investigation and Attorney General in technical matters, act as an expert witness, and testify at disciplinary hearings and criminal cases regarding matters within the jurisdiction of the Architects Practice Act. The SME will need to have or acquire knowledge and understanding of the Board’s laws, rules, and regulations.

It is anticipated that up to 180 hours of work will be required per year under a three-year contract. The SME hourly rate will be fixed at $90 per hour for case review and $110 per hour for courtroom testimony. A total of $49,999 has been appropriated for each three-year SME contract.

Minimum Qualifications

Failure to meet the Minimum Qualifications will result in an application not being considered. The proposer must:

  • Reside in California;
  • Possess an active license to practice architecture in California and have no history of enforcement and/or administrative actions;
  • Have been in practice, as defined in BPC section 5500.1, within California for the last five years;
  • Have experience preparing expert analysis for, or testifying in a minimum of three architecture-related civil or administrative law matters; and
  • Be available to respond to technical inquiries from Board staff approximately one hour per week and perform a timely review (typically within 30 days) of at least three cases per year.

If awarded a contract, the SME shall agree not to:

  • Use their status as a Board expert in any advertising or sales promotion;
  • Solicit for completion of any work that they investigate as a Board expert;
  • Falsify any official documents;
  • Give false or incomplete testimony;
  • Release confidential Board information; or
  • Accept employment with another state agency.

For additional information about the Board SME program, or to request an application, please contact the Enforcement Unit Program Manager Alicia Hegje at (916) 575-7216 or


Now Available - Latest Issue of the Board’s Newsletter

The latest issue of California Architects is available online.

New Online Credit/Debit Card Payment System for License Renewal

The California Architects Board is now accepting online credit/debit card payments for license renewals.

This new payment option will decrease the time to renew a license, while providing a secure online payment option. This new secure online payment option provides a quick and easy license renewal experience. All other forms of payment will continue to be accepted.

A licensee may not renew online if they:

  • Renew a license more than 90 days prior to its expiration date
  • Owe a fine
  • Request a Military Waiver (no fee)
  • Are Military Inactive status (no fee)

Or if the license status is:

  • Delinquent beyond two renewal cycles (two years delinquent and two renewal fees due)
  • Revoked
  • Surrendered
  • Expired-Nonrenewable

For questions on the license renewal process, please email or call (916) 574-7220.


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