2014 Edition, Issue 1

President’s Message

Sheran Voigt
Sheran Voigt

One of the most important relationships the Board maintains is with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). This is largely because the Board utilizes NCARB’s Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and Intern Development Program as licensure requirements. NCARB also sets critical policies and directions that shape licensing. For all of these reasons, the Board’s participation in NCARB is crucial.

Currently, NCARB is in the process of updating test specifications and structures for the examination, ARE 5.0. These changes will impact both the content and delivery of the ARE. The Board is keenly interested in potential new ways of testing for knowledge and we are pleased to have one of our members, Jon Baker, on NCARB’s Examination Committee to help shape those changes.

NCARB is also taking a forward-thinking view of the future of licensing. Currently, the process to achieve licensure is designed to take eight years, but NCARB data reveals that many candidates require up to 12 years to become licensed. Few would argue that we can and should build a more effective licensure system that is a more efficient pipeline into the profession. NCARB has appointed a Licensure Task Force, and one of its members is Pasqual Gutierrez, one of our valued Board members. The Board is also working to be a key catalyst in the effort to reform licensing, and has invited all 10 accredited California schools of architecture to attend its February meeting. It is anticipated that a list of best practices and reform proposals will be generated from that meeting.

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Finally, I am pleased to communicate this message via the first e-mail version of California Architects. The Board already "tweets" and posts robust content on cab.ca.gov, but this vehicle is the best way to communicate our activities in a more efficient manner. Please ask your colleagues to add their emails to our subscription list.

Thank you for your interest in the Board’s endeavors.