2014 Edition, Issue 1

Business Entity Reporting Requirement

The Architects Practice Act (Business and Professions Code section 5558) requires all licensees to file with the California Architects Board (Board) the proper and current name(s) and address(es) of any business entity through which they provide architectural services. Architects can comply with the requirement by completing a Business Entity Report Form (BERF) and mailing, faxing or emailing it to the Board. Failure to file a BERF is a violation of the Act and may result in a fine of up to $1,000.

The Board must be notified of any and all changes to BERF elements within 30 days after any change. The information provided in the BERF is cross-referenced with the architect’s license information. This provides the public and the Board with a means to determine if a business offering or providing architectural services does in fact have an architect in responsible control of these services.

Should the Board receive an inquiry or complaint alleging that a business entity is providing architectural services without a licensee, the Board can then verify whether the firm has an architect on record. The use of this tool results in the Board minimizing its resources on complaints related to unlicensed practice.

If you have changed the business entity through which you provide architectural services, or have not filed a BERF, then please complete a new form and send it to the Board. The BERF can be found on the Board’s website.