2014 Edition, Issue 2

President’s Message

The California Architects Board is the gateway into the architectural profession. The degree and Intern Development Program ensure that candidates have sufficient education and experience to become licensed, but the examination is the instrument that measures competence, ensuring that architects are able to practice in a manner that protects the public health, safety, and welfare (HSW).

The Board’s California Supplemental Examination is the assessment of candidates’ competence in critical state-specific issues, such as seismic, accessibility, and sustainability, as well as the California legal environment. As with any licensing examination, the process used to develop it is long and prescriptive. The first step, and arguably most important, is completing an assessment of the profession. This is accomplished through an "occupational analysis (OA)" that measures tasks performed in the profession, how often they are preformed, and how important they are to HSW.

Sheran Voigt
Sheran Voigt

This year, the Board is commencing its OA. As such, a sample of architects will receive a survey to complete. Participation in the survey is very important, as responses will ensure that the realities of current practice are accurately captured and, ultimately, reflected in examination content.

As part of efforts to provide useful information to architects, this edition includes an article on changes to the law governing confidentiality clauses in settlement agreements, as well as articles on the Architect Registration Examination divisions expiring in July 2014 and the new laws regarding active duty military members and their spouse / domestic partner.