2014 Edition, Issue 3

President’s Message

Watching the World Cup we have seen phenomenal levels of agility. Organizations also need high levels of agility to thrive in our dynamic marketplace. Technology, globalization, and generational issues all require that organizations have a strong sense of their reality, and an ability to adapt rapidly.

Our national association, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), has launched a series of impressive initiatives. From reducing the "wait time" for re-taking the Architect Registration Examination divisions, to shaving one year off the time to complete the Intern Development Program, NCARB is demonstrating a strong reaction to the needs of candidates, firms, and the profession as a whole.

Sheran Voigt
Sheran Voigt

The Board has also launched important new initiatives. Shifting to a computer-based examination and repealing the Comprehensive Intern Development Program has positioned the Board as a responsive, forward-thinking agency. But no organization can rest on its laurels. It is important that the Board continue to assess its environment to address issues early on rather than after they have become problems. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with the Board via email. Your input will help us maintain our responsiveness and ability to serve our constituents.