Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

Reasons for Implementation

Over the years, the Board has sought to set appropriate standards for entry into the practice of architecture in order to balance the need to protect the public with the need to ensure the availability of sufficient avenues to entering the practice. The Board implemented the AXP requirement for the purpose of ensuring that all interns gain uniform, broad, and comprehensive experience in areas of architectural training that are essential for competent practice, thus benefiting interns, architects, firms, and the public in general.

In addition, all other states require completion of AXP for initial licensure. The NCARB AXP Council Record is the only record keeping method that is recognized by all United States jurisdictions and Canadian provinces. AXP is also the primary method used to meet the training requirement for NCARB Certification, which is a compilation of an architect’s education, training/work experience, and examination history that is used as a tool to facilitate reciprocity.

The Board believes completion of AXP not only helps ensure the minimal competence of architectural candidates but also helps facilitate interstate and international practice.