Continuing Education (CE) on Disability Access Requirements

Basic Requirements

As a condition of license renewal, architects must comply with the following:

  1. Complete five hours of coursework on disability access requirements within the previous two years. The coursework must be presented by trainers or educators with knowledge and experience in the disability access requirements.
  2. Certify to the Board on the renewal application that he or she has completed the required coursework by signing the application.
  3. Maintain records documenting completion of the required coursework for two years from the date of license renewal.
  4. Provide, upon request, records to the Board for auditing. Records must include the following:
    • Course title;
    • Subjects covered;
    • Name of provider;
    • Name of educator or trainer;
    • Date of completion;
    • Number of hours completed; and
    • Statement about the trainer’s or educator’s knowledge and experience background.

Licensees are encouraged to complete these requirements timely in order to avoid a delay in the processing of their license renewal.

Note—New Licensees: Completion of coursework on disability access requirements is required prior to the renewal of a license regardless of length of initial license period.