Guidelines for Work Experience Used to Obtain Educational Credit

The following guidelines apply to work experience used to meet the educational requirement:

  • Candidates may satisfy the entire five year educational requirement through work experience under the direct supervision of an individual licensed as an architect in a US or Canadian jurisdiction in an organization engaged in the lawful practice of architecture.
  • Candidates may only receive work experience credit obtained under the direct supervision of a US registered civil or structural engineer, US licensed landscape architect, California licensed general building contractor, or California certified building official after they have met the five year education requirement and/or work experience obtained under an architect licensed in a US jurisdiction.
  • Candidates who work on the property of the US federal government (e.g., US Department of Housing and Urban Development, US Army Corps of Engineers, branch of the US Armed Forces, etc.) will be granted work experience credit as long as the experience is obtained under the authority of a licensed architect, registered civil engineer, registered structural engineer, or licensed landscape architect.
  • A candidate who uses work experience under an architect as an education substitute may not also submit the same work experience for earning AXP/IAP credit hours.
  • Independent, non-licensed practice or experience regardless of claimed coordination or liaison with licensed professionals is not considered.