Retired License

An architect may apply for a retired license at any time while their original license is current and active or eligible for renewal and it is not suspended, revoked, or otherwise punitively restricted by the Board or subject to disciplinary action. An original license cannot be retired if it has been expired more than five years. Retired licenses do not need to be renewed after payment of the one-time retired license fee.

An individual with a retired license may not practice architecture. A retired license can be returned to active status if it is no more than five years since the original license expiration date, subject to the renewal requirements for an expired license. Returning a retired license to active status before it becomes nonrenewable is done by paying all accrued and unpaid renewal fees to bring the license current, including any delinquency fees.

Please note: At its December 11, 2019 meeting, the Board voted to set the retired license fee at $40 and proceed with the process to adopt regulations to establish that fee. Once those regulations are adopted and effective, the Board will resume issuing retired licenses. At this time, the Board is not issuing any retired licenses; retired licenses issued on or before January 3, 2020 are not affected by this change.