California Supplemental Examination (CSE)


Examination results will be given to a candidate at the testing site after completing the examination.

Retaking the CSE

Candidates who are unsuccessful receive a score report and a CSE application so they can reapply. If a candidate does not receive their results after completing the examination, they should immediately contact the Board’s office.

Candidates must submit a new application and payment to the Board for each CSE attempt. A candidate cannot schedule or retake the examination for at least 180 days from the date they last took the examination. Applications may be submitted during the wait-period. However, authorization to test will not be granted until it has been concluded.

After Passing the Examination

Candidates are eligible to apply for licensure as an architect in California after passing the CSE. To apply, candidates must submit an Application for Licensure and the required fee to the Board. An Application for Licensure is only provided to a candidate when he or she passes the CSE. Allow 30 days for processing of an Application for Licensure and fee and approximately six to eight weeks for issuance of the license.

Initial License Fee Calculator

Candidates who have passed all licensure requirements can find the appropriate fee by selecting their birth month, and then selecting the appropriate expiration year.